Tuesday, 17 August 2010


How many more ways are there to say "I can't have a baby and I'm sad about it"?

How many more ways are there to tell people that you've failed again?

How many more sites can I google in an attempt to find positive stories about people who've failed X times but been successful on the X+1th attempt?

How much longer is this thing going to be the focus of my life?

How long is it going to take this time round before I stop unexpectedly finding my eyes streaming with tears at random and unpredictable moments?

I'm even beginning to bore myself.


  1. Have you given donor eggs any thought? As a backup plan? Again, I'm so sorry this wasn't your time :( Big hugs!!

  2. Oh Hope Springs, I know what you mean. How many ways are there to say your heart aches?
    Its harrowing and definitely wears you down. I'm sorry its all carried on for so long for you, and I wish there was an end date to all this.
    You just want a baby. Thats all. Seems like such a simple request when you consider how easily everyone else pops them out. Feels so unfair, and thats because it damn well is!!!!!
    Hugs to you. Feeling your pain and am right here singing the same song with you. xxxx