Monday, 23 August 2010

Working things out

My subconscious has been busy.

Last night I had a dream that I was driving through a tunnel. Suddenly all the traffic ground to a halt, and people were getting out of their cars to see what the hold-up was all about. I walked out of the tunnel in time to see that the traffic was beginning to move again, and started to run back to my car so that I wouldn't hold everyone else up behind me. As I came towards the tunnel again, I saw several people pushing the car towards me, so that I wouldn't have to run so far.

I woke up feeling that my subconscious was telling me that my current situation is temporary, that things will start to get moving again soon, and in the meantime I have my friends and family to help me.

Of course, I think it's my career situation that my subconscious is concentrating on at the moment - it seems to have nothing much to say on the baby front. But it's nice to know that somewhere deep inside, I'm confident that Friday's rejection is just a temporary blip and my career will soon be back on track.

In other news, after a dose of IVIg and three weeks or so of steroids to depress my immune system, I can say that I'm finally responding to the drugs. Despite six days of drinking compost (aka wheatgrass shots) and three days of DHEA, both of which are supposed to make me burst with energy, vitality and health, I was awake for half of last night, shivering, sweating and struggling to swallow past the ball of barbed wire that seems to have taken up residence in the back of my throat. I still have a little bit of voice, but not really enough to start making calls to potential employers and trying to impress them, so today is going to be a day of resting, researching on the internet and visiting the library for a bit more research.

So, my mind and my body both seem to be processing the events of the last couple of weeks - and hopefully both will start to get stronger in the next few days.


  1. Shame honey - you need a dose of SA sunshine! There is an... interesting... article in the Telegraph today, on frozen embryos. For a lot of it I was stinking mad (one woman will make you want to spit!) but it does seem to cover a variety of topics. I'm mentioning it as both a 'oh, look' and a heads-up - avoid the Telegraph if you're not feeling strong enough to read about it. Sending you HUGE love and so looking forward to seeing you soon :D XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Your dream was interesting, and I found it really touching that your friends were pushing your car closer to save you from running so far. Not sure why that touched me so much, but it seems to have a really lovely message doesn't it?

    Hoping for the best for you both job wise and baby wise.