Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Overreacting? Moi?

I went into the kitchen this morning to put on a load of laundry. DH has done the last couple of loads, and he mentioned at the weekend that he thought we'd run out of Calgon. I reminded him that we have a mahoosive box that lives under the kitchen cupboard and thought no more of it.

This morning I discovered that he has thrown away the dinky little box that fits into the cupboard, that I used to refill from the big one, and the kitchen cupboard is now a total mess with a mahoosive (and half empty - didn't that give him any sort of clue?) box balanced diagonally across the top of everything else.

In the big scheme of things, this is really not a big deal at all, and in any case, it'll be very easy to find another little box to keep in the cupboard so that the big one can go back underneath. Perhaps if it's a completely different sort of box, it might encourage him to remember why and then not throw it away next time he empties it.

So after I'd tossed all the washing onto the floor, kicked it around a bit, stamped up and down on it, gone through the recycling to see if I could find the empty box and then thrown all our old cardboard and paper all over the kitchen as well, sworn loudly and burst into tears, I did start to wonder if all these drugs I'm on may be making me just a teensy little bit less stable than usual...


  1. Possibly... but it is bloody irritating!! Also I reckon you come by it honestly, as your brother gets mightily fed up if something is put back in it's 'wrong' place, or if something is put on top of something else. In fact, if there is something carelessly place on top of, say, his book, he is utterly unable to see the book, and bellows until I come and uncover it! Now, I come from a family of clutterers, where everything is always covered, and so have learned to look underneath (and casually put things on top of other things!) It leads to the odd yelling match :) I would suggest writing WASHING POWDER - PLEASE REFILL WHEN NEEDED over the top of a appropriately sized Tupperware, and see how that goes...


  2. Um, just to clarify, it's DH throwing the box away that is bloody irritating!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Argh!! I type too fast! I meant 'its', not 'it's' wrong place. Am thoroughly downcast now, and promise to read my comments through BEFORE I post them!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Just a teensy bit :)
    A very funny story, and I probably would've reacted the same way right now!

  5. awww ... hang in there, my friend.

  6. Ok so maybe it isn't the end of the world (easy to say that in hindsight) but its always the little things isn't it? And its funny how things which seem obvious to females are like a foreign language to the male species.
    The drugs and hormones have a lot to answer for, they really do take over. Its hard to explain to our DHs (mine stil doesn't get it after 4 ivfs!) but we are really not ourselves when we are so pumped with drugs. Thinking of you. Hope you find a new box!!!