Friday, 6 August 2010


OK, I promise I'm not going to do this every day of the 2WW, but it's another significant number.

It's the number of days past transfer.

It's the number of embryos we've had in total over three IVF cycles - little Viennetta arrested before transfer on our first cycle.

It's the number of full years I've been working for my current employer - significant because today is my last day of work.

It's the number of days until my interview for a possible new job (confirmed only yesterday - and they've given me stuff to prepare for it, so that's Monday's lounging in front of the telly scuppered!).

It's the number of months until that job starts if I get it - and so the number of months I get to take it a bit easier and just do the occasional bit of freelance work to keep me going.

If any babies want to start implanting now, this would be a really good time to do it...


  1. Enjoy your last day and good luck for the interview. Of course I need not say anymore - you know we are all rooting for you!! xo

  2. Have a great last day! I know it's going to be sad after all that time and so much invested in it, and you love your boss! Maybe the next one will be even better. Implant, baby, implant!

  3. Sending implanting vibes your way!! I'm praying hard for you! Hoping your 2ww flies by and isn't too difficult ...

  4. I hope the emby is busy implanting as I write this. Enjoy your last day at work. And by the way, the start date for your potential new job sounds perfect!! you'll get a nice break and get to relax in the meantime. :)