Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Good old Dr Google

Last night's google searches were "severe cramps after failed IVF" and "early ovulation after IVF".

Funny - most people seem to find that their cycles are longer after a failed IVF. It seems that my cycle is sticking firmly to its original timetable, ignoring everything that has been done to my body in the last month and the fact that my AF was delayed by the gestone. Well, I always was a bit of a creature of habit.

So according to the date of my last AF, I'm only on CD10 today. But last night I had the worst ovulation cramps I've had for months - the sort where it's impossible to stand up straight, and every step you take feels like a knife in your lower abdomen. I'm pretty sure that's what they were, and that my insides aren't about to fall out or anything. We'll see - in about 12 days' time, I expect...

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  1. Oww I know exactly the kind of ovulation pains you mean. After my laparoscopy, when I ovulated from that ovary it was SO incredibly painful. You poor thing. Can you rest and put a heat pack on your belly? I know after this IVF this must just feel like another kick when you're down and it must be so upsetting and frustrating. I'm saying prayers for you daily. *hugs*