Wednesday, 11 August 2010

How to forget that you're only two days away from test day

One word - gestone.

My right thigh is so painful right now that there's no room to think about anything else at all. I barely slept last night, and I'm struggling to prepare for this afternoon's job interview. Hey, I'm even struggling to walk. Or to sit still.

The good news is that the day after tomorrow, even if I have to carry on taking the horrible stuff (and I actually hope I will), I'll at least be able to talk to the nurses and see whether there's anything I'm doing wrong or could do differently.

The other good news is that I've googled enough to know that it's quite normal to be in this much pain, especially if you're doing the jabs in your thigh. And it doesn't hurt this much every day, so hopefully by this afternoon it will have eased off a bit, and this evening's injection won't be so bad. Sunday's was pretty awful (though not as bad as this), but I was fine on Monday and Tuesday. If it means I get a baby at the end of it, I can cope with excruciating pain every third day...

But for the moment, the one thought in my head is:

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ooooowwwwwww!!!


  1. owwwwey ow ouch!!
    The things you do to distract yourself!!!!!!
    So worth it though, so worth it.
    Not long now!!!

  2. Ow indeed! Those shots are pure evil. That needle is terrifying and the pain is pretty horrible. I had bruises all over, too. =( I can't believe test day is just two days away! I am praying hard for you! *big hugs*

  3. Ugh, ugh and more ugh! The lengths you have to go to! Never had to do PIO's or anything with a large needle myself, so I can't say I know how you feel, but I've heard enough from others to believe it really, really hurts. :(

    Been thinking about you tons and hoping and hoping and hoping!