Sunday, 4 October 2009

At least he didn't knock...

So there I am, sitting in my front room listening to music and catching up on reading the latest posts on the IF blogs I follow. I'm really identifying with what some people are writing, and like them, I'm wondering if I'm ever going to be a mother.

Suddenly there's a rattling at the front door, and a piece of paper plops onto the mat. The front gate squeaks as the person who delivered the note leaves, and I heave myself out of my ever-so-comfy recliner to see what it's all about.

It's from one of my neighbours - a photocopy of a birth announcement from the local paper. He's just become a grandfather and is proudly spreading the news. His son got married about six months after we did, and I had no idea the wife was pregnant.

The news hits me in the solar plexus and I gasp for breath.

I'm not sure I could have made the right noises if he'd knocked at the door - it just took me completely by surprise.

That was yesterday evening. I'll go round and congratulate him at some stage today. It's not his fault I'm insanely jealous of his son and daughter-in-law.


  1. Oh, what a nasty dig from the universe :( I hope you managed to get through the house call without having to face any daft comments like "... and they weren't even trying."

    A couple of people said something to me when we were getting a bit despairing, and I didn't think it was too offensive, unlike some comments... they said that honeymoon babies aren't necessarily the best thing, as the first couple of years or so of a marriage is the time when you learn most about each other and ground the relationship solidly for the rest of your lives.

    Thinking of you and sending huge amounts of love XXXXXXXX

  2. Was my mother one of those people? She's certainly said it to me - and I can see that it's been a good thing for DH and me to have a bit of time on our own to get used to living together. But we're used to it now, so let the babies arrive!

    I copped out on the neighbour front - bought a 'Congratulations on your new grandchild' card and sent DH round to drop it off. xx

  3. She was! But I agree, enough already on the space to be a couple front :)

  4. Thinking of you today - praying hard XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Oh no =( I totally understand how you must feel. Two guys in our lab keep talking about their wives' "situation" and I know exactly what it means -- they're pregnant. And they announced they were trying only a couple months ago so that was FAST! I heard them talking about it right after my failed IVF and burst out crying and had to leave the room before they saw me.

    Anyway, I know birth announcements are bound to happen, but it still stinks being caught off-guard.