Thursday, 15 October 2009


I did NOT have a good night's sleep, and was awake from just before 3 until just before 6. The last time I remember looking at my watch was about 5:50, following which I fell into a nice deep sleep - just in time to be woken by the alarm at 6:15.

Anyway, to reassure Jeannie in particular, I have to say that apart from not sleeping, I'm absolutely fine. I have a bit of a rough throat from the tube, but my calf muscle is no longer sore, my temperature is more or less back to normal, and I'm still only in moderate pain from my stomach.

One of the problems with sleeping (it took me ages to get to sleep in the first place as well, so I probably ended up with less than four hours' sleep in total) is that I always involuntarily turn onto my left side as I'm drifting off. Last night my right ovary had apparently turned into a cannonball, and turning onto my left side left it hanging in the air feeling as though it was about to break loose from its moorings (sorry, mixed metaphor there) and either crash down through my insides, crushing all my other organs in its wake, or force its way out Alien-style through my front. I would then turn back onto my back and be totally awake again.

A couple of other random things about yesterday - DH was an absolute star, and the afternoon I spent with him at the hospital melted away the irritations of the last week or so and totally reminded me why I love him so much.

I woke up in recovery with a heat pad on my stomach, and it was the Best Feeling Ever. Unfortunately, they took it off when they sent me back up to my room, and although I could possibly have done with a hot water bottle when I went to bed, my body was still feeling a bit like a furnace and I couldn't face having any extra warmth in the bed with me. I may well use one tonight, though.

I know the description of DH's boys chatting up my girls was a bit unrealistic - ICSI is more of an arranged (some might say forced) marriage. But despite the nature of their introduction, I hope his boys are now charming the pants off my girls and building the foundation of a long and happy relationship.

And now it's time DH was out of the bathroom so I can go in, so the story of the big needle that made Jeannie laugh and my brother wince and cross his legs is going to have to wait...

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