Saturday, 3 October 2009

A bit irritated

So, I rang the clinic yesterday morning. I explained that AF was due over the weekend and my temperature had dropped for the second day running, so I knew it was definitely on its way, and I asked if I could have an appointment for Monday.

The person who answered wasn't my favourite nurse, but the one who booked me in last month for a scan on CD3 without asking whether I was going to be free on CD2. When I went in and saw my favourite nurse, she said, "It's a shame you weren't free yesterday, because you should have started your jabs on CD2." I pointed out that CD2 hadn't been mentioned to me as an option and that I could easily have come in the day before.

Anyway, this person said I couldn't arrange an appointment before AF actually turned up, but if it showed up over the weekend I should leave a message on their answering machine and they'd ring me back on Monday.

And sure enough, here we are on Saturday morning, AF is here and Monday is going to be CD3 - AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE AN APPOINTMENT!!!!

If I miss another month because this stupid woman refused to believe that I know my own body, I'm going to be so cross.

Oh, and just so you know what a temperature dive looks like - here's my chart for this month:

Update: Well, I rang to leave a message on their answering machine and a real person answered, so I now have an appointment for Monday afternoon. It means I'll need to leave my meeting a bit early, but nobody'll mind, so I'm quietly looking forward to whatever Monday brings now. Prayers for an absent cyst and no new problems would be most welcome.


  1. Oh how FRUSTRATING!!!! Just exactly the wrong day, and then to get the stupid nurse... Make sure you leave that message and then call them as well first thing on Monday. Sending you big big hugs XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Thank you - now updated, as there was an actual human being there when I called to speak to the answering machine. Very disconcerting, but most welcome xx

  3. Praying hard XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Just catching up (was out of town for my sister's wedding) -- that is so annoying that the nurse didn't even bother to offer you a CD2 appointment. I am glad you were able to get squeezed in, and I hope your cyst is gone so you can finally get started!!