Friday, 16 October 2009


Well, that's another step successfully completed, and I'm now pregnant until proven otherwise.

Little Viennetta didn't make it, so Rucksack and Ray-Ray, who according to the embryologist take after their parents in being beautiful little chaps (I'm paraphrasing slightly, but she said they were looking good), are now snuggling down into what will hopefully be their home for the next nine months or so, and we have nobody in the freezer.

Transfer wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. Mr No Nonsense likes to do it in (almost) total silence, so there were no reassuring little murmurs or anything, but Nurse First Time gave me encouraging looks as she ran the ultrasound scanner over my stomach.

The bed was raised right up so that I was vagina-to-eyeball with Mr No Nonsense, and as he shoved the speculum in and cranked it open I felt a little as though he was trying to crack me in two with a nutcracker or something. The ultrasound screen was turned away from me, and I had nothing to look at but the ceiling as Mr No Nonsense and Nurse First Time concentrated on the screen.

Mr No Nonsense muttered something about waiting a couple of minutes while the embryos were brought through. I shut my eyes and took deep breaths, trying to focus on the relaxation techniques I've been learning from my hypnotherapy CDs. The pain eased a little, and when I heard the door open and close I prepared myself for the discomfort to go up a notch when Mr No Nonsense started fiddling around again.

Within seconds, he pulled out the speculum, said, "Good luck, then" and left the room.

I looked at Nurse First Time in astonishment and said, "Was that it?" and she assured me that I now had two embryos in just the right place.

She then ran through a sheet of instructions with me and sent me off to pick up my Cyclogest - pessaries to be taken rectally twice a day for the next two weeks, and then longer if I get a BFP. After reading about other people's experiences with PIO injections, I'm perfectly happy to take my progesterone in this form, and had no problem inserting the first one as soon as I got home, as instructed.

Nurse Perfect wished me luck as I was leaving, and then I walked out into the beautiful autumn sunshine to phone DH and tell him the good news.


  1. Congratulations, mama! You're in the 2ww! So exciting. When is your first beta?

    I can't believe there is a rectal option for the progesterone ... I have to say, I would do just about anything than that. PIO wasn't too bad (of course I only did about 2 injections before they cancelled my transfer).

    *Hugs* Congrats, again.

  2. fingers crossed :)

  3. Contratulations on your transfer!!!!!
    I used progesterone suppositories (?Spelling??) too and it's a standard at my clinic to use them. But mine were not rectal they were vaginal. Anyway I was much much happier with that rather than having to keep injecting... However, sorry if TMI but they do get a bit messy (discharge) but hey, thats NOTHING compared to what you've been through so far right? I wish you the best of luck in your 2ww ... hope it goes real fast.

    Congrats again.

  4. Congrats! Sounds like everything went to plan. Your babies are home! Yeah!!!

    Like egghunt, I skipped the PIO's (thank the stars), but used the suppositories vaginally (i guess I mean am - present tense). In fact, I'm doing endometrin twice a day, and tonight I start combo suppositories. They are messsy, so definitely invest in long pantiliners, and plan to change them often.

    Wow, I am just so happy for you, I don't even know where to begin. When is your first beta? Are you on bedrest for the next few days? Thank goodness it fell just before the weekend. You can take it easy!

  5. Maybe we have the same R.E.? I call mine Dr. Ho Hum.

    When they crank that speculum, it always reminds me of a jack underneath a car. And, it's GIGANTIC! I'll be going in either Sunday or Tuesday for um... my 4th transfer. (omg, that's so pathetic). Anyway, I always have trouble with the discomfort of the full bladdar and the R.E. always seems to have trouble getting the catheter in. So it sounds like your transfer went extremely well!

    Best of luck!

  6. Thanks everyone.

    PJ, you're so right! I knew a nutcracker was not the imagery I was looking for and couldn't think what it was - but you're spot on with your car jack analogy.

    Myndful and Egghunt, the pessaries I'm taking are for either rectal or vaginal use, but my clinic advises using them rectally. Having lived in France, I don't have a problem with suppositories (the French love them!) - and my experience so far does seem to back up the internet research I've done which showed that using them rectally is a lot less messy. So far, I haven't had any discharge at all.

    The clinic doesn't usually do blood tests, so it's now just a two week wait before I do a home pregnancy test.

  7. CONGRATS!! So excited that your ET is officially done! Good luck in the 2ww. I've got fingers crossed and LOTS of prayers coming your way!