Wednesday, 21 October 2009


You know how the hormone they use in the trigger shot is HCG, and it takes a few days to clear out of your system?

And you know how HCG is the hormone that home pregnancy tests are testing for?

Has anyone else ever been tempted to POAS on or very soon after the day of embryo transfer, just so that for once in your life you're guaranteed to see that blue line appear?


  1. I would have done!! After all, I bought those blasted OPKs (at VAST expense, in rands) just so that I could, as I said to DH, "Pee on a blasted stick and see a line come up!!!!"

    Sterkte and hang in there honey - thinking of you! XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. With my first IUI, I POAS'd every single day until I saw the line disappear so that I would know if I saw it later, it meant something. I did it the day of ET as well to see if there was still some in my system. There was. But now, though I know it should be out of my system, I am terrified of that damn little stick. Tempted, but terrified!

  3. Me too!!! I managed to restrain myself from POASing straight after transfer, and I'm sure it must be out of my system now - I daren't try my luck now until at least the middle of next week, though I'm not certain I'll be able to survive till Friday.