Sunday, 11 October 2009

Bit concerned

Look what my temperature did this morning:

I usually take my temperature between 4 and 5, as I seem to wake up naturally around that time. This morning DH wildly flailed his arm and knocked his alarm clock on the floor at about 3:15, and once I'd been woken up I had to get up for a quick bathroom visit.

So when I took my temperature I'd only been asleep for about an hour. Could that be why it's higher this morning?

I'm really worried that the increased temperature means I've accidentally ovulated and that this entire cycle will have been a waste of time. I can't find anything on Google that suggests anything different - does anyone have any experience of this?


  1. It's one higher temp, taken a very short time after going to sleep and a good hour or more earlier than your usual time. Keep going with the treatment and try and get a proper night's sleep tonight and temp at the usual time. If that temp is also significantly higher, then make an appointment immediately with the clinic. Even if you have ovulated, can they not make use of the three other eggs growing in the follicles seen on the scan?

    Thinking of you!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Both of my REs told me to stop temping with IVF. Even when I tried it my temp was ALL over the place. The drugs made me have big jumps all the time. If you are taking your injections to stop you from ovulating (which from a past blog it looked like you were?) then I wouldn't worry about it based off temp alone. Those drugs work extremely well.

  3. Jeannie, that's what I keep telling myself (though I actually took it at the normal time, not when I got up in the night). I've got an appointment tomorrow anyway, so I'll just have to wait and see.

    Sonja, thanks for the reassurance. The big jab I had on Friday was to stop me ovulating and is supposed to last for four days, so hopefully it's doing its job.

  4. Not in a position to offer advice as I've never monitored my cycles through temp, but I can totally relate to the worry about ovulating early. Since my appointment on Friday, I've been worrying about the same thing. But I doubt that happens very often, especially given the fact they gave you meds specifically to prevent it. So, my bet is you're just fine, but I totally understand the concern.

    We're almost there!

  5. Thanks myndful. I suppose it's natural to worry, but as you say, at least we're nearly there - yay!

  6. Thinking of you today... hope the appointment goes well!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX