Saturday, 17 October 2009

Raspberry pips

I need to try to get over the feeling that too much gravity will cause my little chaps to fall out of their cosy little nest.

That feeling is, of course, not helped by the typical diagram of the female reproductive organs, which shows the uterus as a great empty cavity. I imagine Rucksack and Ray-Ray floating round this great empty space, occasionally hitting a side and trying desperately to grab hold and cling on, while being sucked inexorably downwards in ever-decreasing circles until they start circling the bottom and fall out of the Cervix of Doom.

The most helpful thing I've found to counteract that mental image is an article which pointed out that the uterus doesn't look like that at all, and the space we see in the diagrams is actually just a potential space. When you see it on an ultrasound, there's no great gaping space - just two lines with a greater or lesser amount of grey stuff between them, depending on where you are in your cycle and how thick your lining is.

This article describes the two sides of the uterus as being more like two slices of bread stuck together to form a sandwich. The lining is the jam in the middle, and the embryos are like little raspberry pips in the jam.

I'm clinging onto that image, because all I can think is that these little chaps really are awfully tiny, and it wouldn't take much of a gap at all for them to slip through it.

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