Monday, 19 October 2009

Laying on of hands

Today is my niece's third birthday, and yesterday we went over to my sister's for her birthday lunch. She's the middle of three children, with an older sister of five and a younger sister of 16 months.

My newly-wed youngest brother and his wife were also there. My brother is a man of few words, even fewer of them demonstrating any sort of emotion, but he hugged me harder and for longer than normal, and that hug said everything that needed to be said between us (accompanied by a gruff "keep us posted"). I know my other brothers would be the same, and seeing him actually made me feel the support from them as well (despite a rather crass and upsetting comment my brother in the US made on the phone on Friday night - Heaven help him if his bedside manner is as bad with his patients).

My sister referred to DH and me a couple of times as "the four of you", and my nieces had obviously been warned not to pull me about and jump on me too much. I felt cared for and as though Rucksack and Ray-Ray are as important to the rest of my family as they are to DH and me. I know there's still so much that can go wrong, and it actually makes me feel better to realise that if things do go wrong, other people will be almost as sad at the loss of our little embryos as we will be.

Anyway, apparently my 5-year-old niece is developing some sort of Charismatic tendencies. She sat next to me at lunch, and between the main course and pudding she suddenly leant across and kissed the front of my jumper (actually, it was my right breast, but I don't think the exact placement was important to her).

She then put her hand on my tummy and said, "Dear God, please let Aunt ___ and Uncle ___ have a little baby."

I presume my sister has been including this in their bedtime prayers, but you could have knocked me down with a feather.

During Mass earlier in the day, I silently wished my embabies peace at the sign of peace, and at the final blessing I gently traced two little crosses on my abdomen. In my prayer, I said that this was the first time I was bringing my two little ones to Mass, and asked that it should be the first of many hundreds of times.

It's so good to know that the innocent voices of my nieces are joining in this prayer for our little ones.


  1. This post has me welling up in the office! I too add my prayer that you will be bringing Rucksack & Ray-Ray to Mass for many, many years to come. I'm sending you a big cyber hug which is just tight enough but no too tight and I have everything crossed for you. With the power of all these prayers, I know it will be great news for you at the end of the 2ww. The very, very best of luck to all four of you. xx

  2. I too welled up reading this. My prayers, thoughts and positive energy are with all four of you. Sounds like you have a fabulous support system in your family (whether they are able to express it or not), what a beautiful thing.

  3. Definitely brought tears to my eyes. The upside of sharing with family is the support you can get from them if you are lucky enough for them to be on your side. Although there have been some ruffled feathers, it sounds as if, on the whole, you have a wonderfully loving family. You're a lucky woman for sure. :)

  4. What an amzingly uplifting post. Your little embabies are in my prayers as well. I can see the benefit of telling people you are going through IVF now. It sounds like Rucksack and Ray-Ray's aunties, uncles and cousins are almost as wonderful as their mummy and daddy. (TBD) xx

  5. I'm joining the chorus of prayers...and the teary eyes! This is such a wonderful post! Your family sounds absolutely wonderful! Continued thoughts and prayers for Rucksack, Ray-Ray, DH and YOU!

  6. Thanks so much to all of you - I know, I do have a wonderful family, and I really appreciate all of your prayers and good wishes as well.

    TBD, lovely to see you delurking!! The downside of so many people knowing will be if we have to tell them all that it's BFN, but we'll cross that bridge when (if) we come to it... x

  7. Hey hon, yeah that's one of my concerns but I reckon the pros probably outweigh the cons (in your case at least)....and anyhow it's a big IF (not when!). I know it's an extra pressure but it's so amazing to know that all those people will be hoping and praying for a BFP almost as much as you and your husband xx