Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Side effect or convenient excuse?

OK, it's only a couple of hours since I did my second jab, so perhaps I'm being a bit feeble here. All I can say in my defence is, it's a HUMUNGOUS dose I'm on - the maximum recommended dose right from the start. It takes most people 3-6 days to take as much of this stuff as I get in a single dose.

Anyway, here, in no particular order, is a list of all the people, places and inanimate objects that have irritated me today:

  • the woman who sat next to me on the course I went on, by asking lots of fatuous and inappropriate questions;
  • one of my colleagues, by failing to understand the point I was trying to make;
  • another colleague, by failing to answer his phone when I needed to talk to him;
  • my husband, by waking me up this morning with his snoring;
  • my brother, by forgetting to mention in the dream I had last night that he and his wife had had another baby (yes, I know it was only a dream, but I was still irritated with him when I woke up);
  • the supermarket, by failing to stock the thing I went in for this evening;
  • every chemist in town, by being closed when I wanted to nip in and pick something up;
  • the woman next to me on the train this evening, by playing with her hair in an annoying way;
  • my MP3 player, by failing to pick up a radio station on the train this morning;
  • the woman on my hypnotherapy relaxation CD, by using the made-up non-word "feel-imagine" three times in quick succession;
  • and I'm sure there were a few others.

Perhaps irritation is my natural state and I usually work a bit harder at suppressing it. I reckon a rhinoceros' dose of hormones swirling round my already decrepit body should be enough to allow me to get mildly testy from time to time, though...


  1. Don't forget that those drugs are playing hell on your hormones!! You are jumping from an estradiol level of well below 100 (I am imagining) to something in the thousands. And if you're on the highest dose it's no surprise that everything makes you irritable. I couldn't believe the emotional rollercoaster ride the drugs had me on.

    Hang in there! When is your first ultrasound?

  2. Excuse or not, I think that you're more than justified given the hormones! (((HUGS)))

    Perhaps this will cheer you up, if only for a moment...there's a blog award waiting on my blog for you! :-)

    I've got FX for you this cycle! Can't wait to follow the progress all the way to your BFP!

  3. Thank you both - and thanks so much for the award, Lin. Just online for a few minutes this morning, so I'll follow the instructions tonight.

    Sonia, my next ultrasound is Friday, then Monday and Wednesday of next week, and they expect EC to be either next Friday or the following Monday if all goes well.

  4. hello its me katy from BE hope you remember me?

    i just logged on today to stalk your progress and see how you were getting on and saw your post with this link :-)

    as you know we did IVF and yes it can work first time as my daughter is living proof (but i dont blame you for your pessamism as a defense mechanism should it not work i was just the same!)

    just wanted you to know i have my fingers crossed for you and havnt forgotten you (((hug)))

    yes i was a hormonal mess too - itll all be worth it tho xx

    katy xx

  5. Thanks Katy - nice to 'see' you, and I hope all is well with you. xx