Monday, 12 October 2009

Full freezer

Thank you for your reassurance yesterday. My temperature's back down this morning, so hopefully I was worrying about nothing - my scan is in three hours, so I'll update again when I get back from that.

I spent most of Saturday shopping and then cooking for the freezer, while DH went to see his parents. We have lots of little plastic pots that are just the right size for two decent servings, and the freezer now contains two pots of leek and potato soup, three of boeuf bourgignon and three of steak and kidney casserole.

Yesterday we had to go shopping for my niece's birthday present and I was too tired to do any more cooking when we got home, so I still have a big pack of minced beef to deal with. I'm trying to decide between cottage pie, bolognaise sauce and cabbage lasagna. Cabbage lasagna is one of my favourite meals - like normal lasagna, but with layers of white cabbage instead of pasta, which makes it a bit lighter - but is quite labour-intensive, so if I'm feeling tired again tonight (which I definitely will be), I'll probably stick to using half the mince for cottage pie and half for bolognaise sauce. I also have a pork joint which I'll cook for tonight's supper, and the leftovers should see us through a couple of days at least.

If we end up having to go through this again, one thing that I'll definitely do differently is to fill the freezer before we start. I've taught DH to make three basic recipes, but they all use leftovers, so he doesn't really know how to make anything from scratch* - and now that I've made the mistake of telling him the cooker is officially a piece of dangerous machinery, he says he's even more reluctant to learn to cook. As a general rule, I'm quite happy with this situation, as I enjoy cooking and he does all the washing-up, which is NOT my favourite chore.

So, with a freezer full of yummy things, I'm ready for whatever they throw at me at the clinic today - I hope...

*Seriously - a few weeks ago when I wasn't feeling well he said he'd make the supper, and I asked him to reheat some leftovers in the microwave and put a fried egg on top. He came wandering back into the room shortly afterwards to ask me how to fry an egg - so I ended up doing it myself anyway, but made sure he was watching. Did I mention that he's nearly 47?

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  1. All that food sounds delicious!! My stomach is growling! =)